Editorial DESIGN & Illustration

Ana Moyano

Revista art.es


art.es international contemporary art magazine.


art.es is an bilingual (English-Spanish) international distributed magazine specialised in contemporary art. It can be found at museums, art galleries, universities, libraries and news-stands all over the world. They needed an art director to renew the magazine image, which was old fashioned and confusing. The editor wanted to preserve the simetrical structure, with plenty of space for texts in two languages.


I was the art director from the 38th to the 61st issue, redesigning the publication on its printed version. I also restyled the brand image and the cover. The project consisted in achieving a greater clearness and legibility by putting the English and the Spanish text side by side on the layout, instead of one after the other. I chose a simple pair of sans-serif typographies and played with weight and color to distinguish all levels of communication.