Diseño contra la pobreza


Design Against Poverty exhibition at Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas de Madrid is a story about solidarity and self-improvement. Through collected homeless people's testimonials, the exhibition leads us on a trip from the streets to social inclusion with the aid of design.

This Spanish national museum tried to enlarge its target public with this exhibition. The curators intended to present how everyday life is for homeless people, propitiating a change in the visitor's attitude towards homelessness. The show encouraged visitors to get involved in the search for solutions and presented design as a helpful tool to fight against the homelessness.

The design team made an effort to reinforce the orientation through the different spaces that conformed the show. The curators wanted the exhibition to have a clear beginning and an end. We used natural materials and fresh graphic design (by Sergio A. González). The lightning, furniture and colour palette were designed to communicate positive values, and we tried to empower interactivity and visitor's immersion into the homeless person world. Almost every piece could be touched, even exhibit labels.

Exhibition's panoramic views

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