¡Guau! ¡grrr! ¡guau!


Guau! grrr! guau! is an illustrated kids book for advanced readers. I made the Illustrations, layout design and prepress. Texts: María Gómez Forte. 1st published: Spain, 2018. 3 ed. Spanish / Euskera.
Available at cuentosartesanales.com.

The cover is conceived to recreated a classic kids book collection. The entire publication is printed just in 2 colors, on a nice-to-the-touch uncoated paper, specially chosen to create good memories on the readers, in their -probably- first real novel.

Dos familias que buscan un amigo, dos cachorros que buscan hogar, un misterio que resolver.
Two families looking for a friend, two puppies looking for a home, a mystery to solve.

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