¡Guau! ¡grrr! ¡guau!

Dos familias que buscan un amigo, dos cachorros que buscan hogar, un misterio que resolver.
Two families looking for a friend, two puppies looking for a home, a mystery to solve.


María Gómez Forte. Available at ​cuentosartesanales.com.


Illustrations, layout design and prepress of Guau! grrr! guau!. Texts: María Gómez Forte.
1st published: Spain, 2018.


Guau! grrr! guau! is an illustrated kids book for advanced readers. The cover is conceived to recreated a classic kids book collection. The entire publication is printed just in 2 colors, on a nice-to-the-touch uncoated paper, specially chosen to create good memories on the readers, in their -probably- first real novel.

Bolita blanca y negra

The book tells the story of two broken families that connect between them with the help of a pair of adopted dogs.

The delicate illustrations are designed to portrait the melancholic world of the starring kids.

The texts are printed in two colors to distinguish the dogs' dialogues from the rest.