Guía para corazones sin cabeza


"Guía para corazones sin cabeza" (Guide for headless hearts) is a poetry book full of the author's (Miguel Osa, singer-songwriter. Self-published.) reflections. The client asks to create a complete image for the publication, including several illustrations to match 11 evocative short poems.

I decided to create a simple layout in which the illustrations, distributed along the content, set the pace. I chose a textured uncoated paper for the cover and an ultra-white uncoated paper for the inside printing. The back cover was blank except for a QR code leading to Miguel Osa's single February.

Para aquellos corazones sin cabeza, porque pobre de aquellas cabezas que no tengan corazón.
To those headless hearts, 'cause poor of those heads without a heart.

Miguel Osa
Ana Moyano, Miguel Osa, guia para corazones sin cabeza, poesia, ilustracion, musica
Butterflies illustration by ana moyano

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