León y el monstruo en el frigo


Leon and the monster in the fridge is conceived as a full illustrated kids book, for ages between 3 and 6, reading starters. The book is offered customized too, integrating your family members as characters that appear in the text.
I made the Illustrations, layout design and prepress. Texts: María Gómez Forte. 1st published: Spain, 2016. 3 ed. In Spanish and Euskera.
Available at cuentosartesanales.com.

The use of a frontal point of view plus a collage–like appearance
combined with textures creates a false volume feeling.

Leon has met someone new today.
Someone different, fun and blue.

The illustrations were following a modular scheme in order to cover a wide range of family types.

The main character is customizable to fit the kid's appearance.

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